Appointment on 24 January 2018 in the European Parliament as a result of our mailing we did.

Summary of my meeting with Mrs Ni Riada, European Parliamentarian for Ireland, Mrs Carmen Hilario, Political Advisor and Mr Kevin Lally, Assistant.

Ms. Ni Riadi is very aware of the problem of Lyme in her country, but also elsewhere. One day she was in her car and she listened to the radio and there was a young man explaining his way of fighting Lyme disease and she was very moved by this story. She has contacted this person and she has become aware of the problems that Lyme patients may encounter on a daily basis. I could see that it was really a subject that touched her deeply. And she has a great empathy for Lyme patients.

The result is that she wants to follow us in the idea of making a Lyme resolution for Europe !

For my part, I keep alerting other Members of the European Parliament from the same party, but also from other party to vote for this resolution !

Here is the resolution that has been voted in ENVI Committee on september 10, 2018 and in plenary on november 15, 2018.