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Here is the story of some people with Lyme disease

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I live in Uccle in Belgium, I don’t remember being bitten.
I have also not seen an erythema migrant.
On the other hand, I have been sick since my youth, with various symptoms that got worse and worse from the age of 18.
It is now 15 years that I can no longer work.
The Elisa Lyme tests have always been negative here in Belgium, a few months ago I did an Elispot test in Germany, which was positive. But during all these years I had done other laboratory tests in Belgium, which clearly showed that there was a serious health problem, especially in the area of ​​the immune system.
I currently take antibiotics, but also many dietary supplements.
I have felt better since I started my treatment, but the road to a true cure will be very long.

Thank you

MARLEEN (Belgium)

I don't know anymore that I have been bitten ...