Marleen Deglin

Founder and President of Lyme-int association
Here is my story :

Marleen Deglin

 At 56, after 14 years of disability and more than 35 years of illness and medical wandering, I finally get the diagnosis of Lyme disease.
At 42, a few months after my marriage and after moving into our new apartment, my life, our life collapsed : the company doctor forced me to stay home because of illness. But what disease? Everyone was wondering !?!
At that time my weight was only 45 kg, and this for 1 m 74, but I still go on, but only with maximum doses of painkillers, and this every day !

I was exhausted, I had pain everywhere, headaches, vertigo.
I had facial paralysis, cardiac arrhythmias, stomach pain, neuralgia, leukopenia, several anti-immune diseases, arthritis, neuropathy, … my body let me down !
All these symptoms have been spread out over a period of 35 years ! From my childhood, I already had signs that something was wrong : Wednesday afternoons instead of going to play, I was going to sleep to recover. On weekends and during holidays even at 16 and over, I still needed to take naps.
Since I was a little girl, I regularly trembled in my bed and had no longer control of my body, I was nauseated. Nobody understood what was happening …

In all these years, doctors have found many abnormalities in my blood, as in my many other tests, but no specialist has made the connection between all these symptoms.

In October 2015, I had finally a verdict !

I have stage 3 Lyme disease and several co-infections. According to the symptoms and the analyzes, I would have it since I was very

little. I would have contracted it in-utero, from mother to child.

I was conceived in Congo, my parents lived there for 3 years. The bites of mosquitoes and ticks were part of their daily lives …
After all these years of suffering, another fight begins now, that of making understand this disease and to make accept that it does indeed exist in a chronic form !!!
Welcome to the mysterious but real world of Lyme disease and the co-infections.