In the presence of Mr. Vladimir Sucha, Mrs. Michèle Rivasi, Dr. Louis Teulieres, …

At the invitation of Mrs Michèle Rivasi, MEP for France, I attended the meeting she had organized with Mr Vladimir Sucha and Doctor Teulieres.

Mr. Sucha is well aware of the problems surrounding Lyme disease.

And Dr. Teulieres explained the principle of the new laboratory test to detect Borrelias, based on Phages. This new test can also be adjusted and therefore used for other infections. But in order to continue the research, and also to enable the commercialization of these tests, he needs help and that was the subject of this meeting.

On the other hand, Mr Sucha wants to open up research to an even greater level by linking the discoveries already made in different countries.

Thanks again to Madame Rivasi.