In the presence of Isabelle Durant, Andrey Kovatchev, Brando Benifei, Petras Austrevicius, …

We went to Bozar to follow the debate between:
Mrs Isabelle Durant (Ecolo) President of the Spinelli Group and Member of the Parliament of Brussels.
Mr Andrey Kovatchev (EPP) Member of the European Parliament (Bulgaria)
Mr Brando Benifei (S & D) Member of the European Parliament (Italy)
Mr Petras Austrevicius (ALDE) Member of the European Parliament (Lithuania)

I was able to meet them individually after the debate.

Mrs. Isabelle Durant will help us. She gave me the details of a European Parliamentarian of her party in France who deals mainly with health-related topics. In addition, she was going to write to him to talk about our association and our work.

As for Mr Andrey Kovatchev, I was happy to be able to thank him personally since he is one of the Members who launched the ‘Written Declaration’ on Lyme disease. He is well aware that things must move on this subject.

On the other hand, Mr. Brando Benifei had not yet signed the “Written Declaration”. So it was an opportunity to talk to him about Lyme disease and our work. And two days later, I received an email from him to tell me that he had just signed.

Mr. Petras Austrevicius had already signed the “Written Declaration” and he understood the importance of an initiative in favor of Lyme disease ! He also explained to me the functioning of the “Written Declarations” which very rarely lead, and this for various reasons, which I will not mention here. But he advised us to continue lobbying members of the European Parliament ! He told me that I have to persevere because we are on the right way.